Filmmaker Boot Camp for Teens

The Filmmaker Boot Camp is an intensive, five-day boot camp held at The State Theatre where high school students learn the basics of modern video production under the guidance of experienced mentors. During lessons and production exercises, students will receive the foundations of filmmaking knowledge that will prepare them for their time on set. The major highlight of the workshop is when the students split into productions crews and work with in teams on the set of a film directed by the mentors. Students will implement their new-found knowledge to produce a professional looking short film. The films are then presented at a premiere at the State Theatre on Saturday July 14 for all of their family, friends, and fellow students to see.  Sponsored by and held at The State Theatre, the Boot Camp is a collaboration with ReTold Productions, and mentors Andrew Won and Neal Barlow.  Both mentors have years of experience working as freelance videographers and independent filmmakers. Andrew wrote and directed a short film that was accepted by the Cannes Film Festival and filmed an award winning short film in China that won a Student Filmmaking award at the CAAM film festival. Neal has nine years of experience in education as the cinema teacher at Enochs High School and has helped jump start the film careers of a dozen of his students who now work in LA, SF, Grand Rapids, and beyond! Together, they want to help make Modesto a hot spot known for producing exciting filmmakers.
The mission of ReTold Productions is to inspire the next generation of filmmakers by giving them the tools and knowledge they need to succeed. They supply the equipment so students can learn filmmaking techniques by using cutting-edge 4k cameras, the new standard of the industry and content creation.  

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