Gift Certificates


Looking for a gift for a music-loving friend or business associate? Or how about something special to reward an employee or recognize the good deeds of a fellow cinephile? We suggest giving a gift certificate to The State Theatre!

You can purchase a gift certificate in the amount of one or more concert tickets, or to cover the cost of attending several films. Your gift will not only be appreciated, it will also help support the non-profit State in its mission to bring a lively roster of musical guests to its stage -- and to present the best of independent cinema year-round.

You may purchase gift certificates in any amount over $10. The recipient of your gift will receive an oversized, specially printed "certificate" that includes their name, the amount of the gift and the name of the giver. In addition to gift certificates, you may also give a gift of State Cinema Club or Modesto Film Society membership.

Gift certificates and memberships can be purchased at The State Theatre box office from noon to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday, up to one hour before concerts and up to half an hour before the start of films.

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer gift certificates or memberships through our Website at this time.