Our Philosophy About Our Service To You

At the nonprofit State Theatre, we take our jobs, and the comfort and safety of our patrons, very seriously. We want you to feel welcome, and to enjoy coming back to our historic theater time and again. Above all else, we want The State to be a clean, comfortable and relaxing environment in which everyone is greeted and served with a smile. To that end, we continually strive to provide you, our patron, with the best possible service. We encourage you to provide us with feedback about your experience here; we want to improve our service and many suggestions for those improvements and changes come from our patrons. Your feedback on our performance is not only sought, but encouraged so, please let us hear from you. You're the boss - and it's our job to provide you with a pleasant experience while you are here.

If you need more information than what you're finding on our website, please call us at (209) 527-4697 and we'll try and assist you.  If you are coming to The State to see a film, please note that many of the surrounding restaurants will serve you more quickly if you mention that you're coming to The State and have a specific show time. Thank you for your patronage. We look forward to seeing you often for films, concerts and unique community events.