<p>The Rocky Horror Picture
Show Christmas Spectacular<br>
With Barely Legal shadow casters</p>

The Rocky Horror Picture
Show Christmas Spectacular
With Barely Legal shadow casters

Fri. Dec. 7

(R~1975) 1 Hr. 40 Min. (Blu-ray) In English

Join us for the last Rocky Horror Picture show of the year as we throw a special Christmas spectacular! We are teaming with Barely Legal again, to bring you the craziest, most zany show in the Valley. Join us for the big event full of costumes, fun and audience partici~SAY It!~pation!  We’ll have cocktails, food, a wait staff to serve you while you go through the Time Warp. We are also having Bay Area shadow casters, Barely Legal, at the event lending their special brand of over-the-top zaniness to the screening, as well as selling (at a very low cost) State-safe Survival Kits (NO food, water, fish, rice, etc., will be allowed in the theater). If you’re a virgin (meaning you’ve never seen the film), learn more at www.rockyhorror.com/participation/virgins.php.

Admission: $13 at the door; $12 Pre-purchased tickets

Doors at 10 film at 11 p.m.




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