Independence Day

Independence Day

Wed. July 4

(PG-13-1996) 2 Hr. 25 Min. (Digital) In English

We are celebrating America’s Independence the best way we know how; with one of the greatest alien movies of all time, Independence Day! Come celebrate the cultural phenomena that took America by storm on July 4th nearly twenty two years ago. Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum star in this extremely popular Roland Emmerich science-fiction adventure. When spaceships start to appear over earth, people quickly figure out that these aliens are not friendly. Out manned and out gunned, humanity has to rely on mankind's best weapon, the will to survive. This international smash hit features some of the most iconic scenes in a Hollywood blockbuster such as the intense speech given by the President of the United States played by Bill Pullman. Although some of the special effects may not hold up the best, Independence Day is splendidly cheesy entertainment.  





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