Documentary marks 80th birthday for iconic State Theatre

Open to the public on Christmas Day in 1934, The State Theatre is celebrating its 80th year as Modesto’s home for arts, entertainment and film.  With a long and fascinating history, and its deep ties to so many in the community, The State holds a special place in the hearts of generations of film-goers and music-lovers, many of whom have grown  up in and around the theater, and continue to be loyal patrons to this day.  In honor of this auspicious birthday celebration ~ and cultural milestone ~ videographer, patron and friend, Wes Page, and longtime board member Randy Siefkin, created a film documenting the shared recollections of loyal patrons both  young and old.  As you will see, the theater is near and dear to these folks who regard it as a friend and count on it being a vital part of the Modesto landscape for generations to come. The Board of Directors of the nonprofit State Theatre work every day to assure that the theater is sustainable and a relevant and vibrant member of the area’s arts community.

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